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The 7 rays – frequencies of the Soul

The 7 rays are an occult concept appeared in different esoteric philosophies already since the VI century B.C.
Later they have been presented in a modified and elaborated manner in the Theosophical circles, first by H.P. Blavatsky, and then by Alice bailey.
The reader, if already aware of their antecedent disclosures, could find the way that they are here presented a little bit different from all the previous ones, with the addition of new details.
The 7 rays are vibratory frequencies that all stem from a mutual source called “white light”.
For what the Human Life is concerned here on Planet Earth – precious pearl of The Creation- the white light coming from the spiritual realms manifests itself here through these different 7 frequencies.
Every ray has its own particular vibration with specific features. Every soul who choses to undertake a cycle or more cycles of incarnations on Planet Earth, choses a ray to belong to, and to bring and manifest concretely in the material earthly world: this is the process of installing the Divine onto the Earth.

The identification of the ray of belonging in the human creature contributes to recognise more clearly and precisely the talents that the soul keeps inside herself and equally to spot the common difficulties that are typical of the experience through a certain ray.
Every ray has specific characteristics and it can also show itself by several distortions and deviation as compared its pure origin.
Knowing the distortions allows to locate and pinpoint them helping to avoid (or to resolve more easily) twisted vicious circles from which it would be very hard to disentangle without the adequate knowledges and tools.

The topic of the 7 rays is very important when you work or have to deal with kids: some gestures, some behaviours, phrases, expressions can lead us to understand which ray or rays that Creature brings within. To see a soul unfolding, manifesting and therefore revealing herself is far easier in kids than in adults who are already full of pains, masks and armours.
To counsel and accompany the infant to pursue his real natural (meaning of his own nature) talents is simpler if you know his soul ray; also it will be less laborious to understand when certain behaviours -often misunderstood and misinterpreted- are clear and loud signals coming from his Soul, that shows up.

The following articles will discuss in depth each of the 7 rays. Below the explanation of every frequency you will find one or two tales aimed to give a more imaginal-artistic impression instead of a logic-rational one.


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