My Name is Maddalena Premuti Bonetta and I was born in Trieste. When I came home my two rescue black cats Luno and Brilla were already waiting for me, whilst at my mum’s parents’ house there were the tiger cat Susi and the sweet frightened Dobermann Viola. As guardian angels all my animals welcomed me in this earthly world succeeding and passing the baton one another during the years. They taught me and supported me and they still keep on teaching and supporting me. 

Here on the earth and from the other side of the veil as well.

They taught me the art of sniffing accurately as only the wet nose of a dog can do, and they taught me the art of receptivity as cats’ long whiskers sense like antennas do with the ether. 

During my childhood a sense of latent potentiality kept kicking from the inside of my womb, and as embers under the ashes it was ready to light and be on fire. At that time I couldn’t understand what it was nor what I would do with it but I kept feeling it and it didn’t give me a break and has stayed with me all along.

The first real spark I found was in a philosophy book. I wasn’t studying philosophy officially but I picked up that book from the home library and started to read it. When I came across Socrate and Plato something strong and deep moved inside me. My soul awoke, I felt understood and comforted. They were kindred souls who I recognised. I wasn’t alone anymore. All their works were written transpositions of our reality’s fundamentals functioning whose position in the kingdom of the Soul and the Spirit was restored.  Human psyche fascinated me so much and it still fascinates me; I used to spend hours and hours observing people and their behaviour but in most cases psychology as it is nowadays offered is completely expropriated from what it is the core element of its work: the psyche itself whose meaning is soul

Socrate and Plato were great but they were far away in time and I needed to find a more recent individual that carried the same core, so Carl Gustav Jung came into my life. I was 15 and I attended a course about Jung psychology given by a Jungian Psychotherapist who was one of my mother’s acquaintances.  During those classes words like unconscious mind, archetypes and many others were coming back to life again regaining their active roles in every day life dynamics. 

Soon after I avidly read the book “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” By Jung, I was so grateful.

When I turned 16 I started traveling by myself through Europe, I liked to roam around freely to discover the world, visiting friends here and there. 

After my graduation at Liceo Scientifico Guglielmo Oberdan in Trieste I was in doubt of my next choice. Philosophy or Physics? In the end I enrolled for Physics at the University of Trieste where I could fill my gaps in maths that my high school left me with.

After three months of Physics I clearly felt that was not my path. I would have chosen psychology if it only would have given what I was looking for but it did not for the reason above mentioned: so i just quit it and took a pause that soon after led me to the wild jungle of costa rica. I started doing kung fu in Trieste and then moved to Costa Rica, then Seattle and then back to Trieste. For one year and a half I practiced kung fu every single day, and all the movements are still in my body. 

The following year my best friend-my dog fell ill and eventually died with me holding her paw. We were alone at night time on the porch of my house, it was February 2014. In the exact moment her soul transitioned I could feel her by my side and she started to talk to me telepathically as the rain started to fall onto her body. From that point on conscious telepathy became a integral part of my life.

Soon after my dog’s transition, a friend of mine told me about animal communication and telepathy in a formal way and that there were some courses in Italy but the only course we could find by the same teacher was a two day Tellington TTouch workshop. 

Stella, (one of my golden labs) and I went together; we were astounded to see how magic, effective and functional it was and subsequently our relationship changed dramatically. One of the many epithets of this method is the Trust Touch, and I could see why just right on my skin with Stella.

I decided then to undertake the whole 3 years training + updating courses every 2nd year. I loved it to the bones and this is how I became a TTouch Practitioner. During my second year of the TTouch Training® I undertook simultaneously a parallel path, specifically addressed to people. A holistic soul centred counseling program of 3 years + master years. Both my passions and loves were now together and could unite into a whole.

 At last I could manifest my essence into my existence.

I write articles quite often about my job(s) but the best way to see what it’s that all about is to experience it live, as no explanation will ever substitute the direct learning that comes through experience.