My Pillars

Specific soul-centred knowledge, holistic therapy methods, wisdom and continuos in depth experience are the essential pillars of the work I conduct to offer a completely different uplifting approach relevant to all fields of Life.

My Work

As a therapist..

in years of experience, I contributed helping many people and many animals to deal and solve their issues through tailored therapy sessions. I am available for private and group work.

What I do

I support and assist each individual in their own journey towards self-understanding, self-realisation and deep healing.

About me

I do what I do because it is my deepest calling. My most rewarding moments have been those where I could offer my experience in order to help others.

I started very young with a vivid curiosity and high emotional intelligence that led me on the path I’m walking on and building each step after the other.

I work one-to-one both in person and via Skype.
I work with groups.
I give seminars.
My passions are: investigating the human psyche, enjoying the nature, swimming, running, homoeopathy, art, films, yoga, dancing etc…