Soul-Spirit Centred Counselling

This counselling orientation differs from all the other traditional and alternative approaches in the way the human being is considered and intended. Here every human being is considered as a structure made of several components: a spirit, a soul (not to be mixed up one another as their nature and their peculiarities are very different), a body, an identity that changes from incarnation to incarnation and a personality (from latin name persona which means mask). The term personalitygathers together all those behavioural aspects the creature built up during his childhood to deal and cope with wounds and traumas. These aspects are still in the field of the being, lying in the cellular memory and won’t be deleted in any way, but can be dealt with.

Beyond the problems of the personality many other important problems of various nature are often found at the level of the soul and the spirit, most commonly known as “transpersonal” level.

I use the word “Psychology” because it’s a compound word of greek origins: Psiché-Logos, that is “talking about the soul”. Therefore in our modern age this word can embody two meanings: the common one is related to those professionals who call themselves psychologists who deal with all the inner reality aspects of the human beings linked specifically to their personality; the other and more authentic meaning refers to a professional care field which concentrates on the aspects of the wide and complex realm of the soul.

What we call moods are not vague metaphors of not precise inner perceptions but clear messages that our soul communicates to let us hear her voice (melancholy, heartache, grieving, oppression or also enthusiasm, lightness of being, joy etc).

They’re often sudden and without any apparent reason, and sometimes they can look excessive and not proportionate to the situation where they manifest, but if we know the mechanisms of the soul, all these movements find a place with a neat explanation of what their essence is: vivid communications of our soul.

Our soul manifests and lets us hear her voice every time something “vibrates” inside us, maybe giving us goosebumps all over and not necessarily related to anything we know about our current life time. Such manifestations could involve a sense of familiarity and being at ease or also a strong repulsion and feeling strongly uncomfortable about places, objects, situations, people; all of this can often go hand in hand with the so called “deja-vù”.

Nowadays people’s major difficulties are found in relationships whether they be intimate relationships, familiar ones or job related. Behind these difficulties old and ancient karmic tangles hide.

The word Karma comes from the sanskrit “karman”.

Karman means “to act” or “action” and it’s not to be considered in a passive or punishing way at all. 

Karma is not something that you undergo or bear to the sound of whip’s strokes.

Karma is like a wheel that invites us to act and to learn a lesson with slightly different clothes from time to time until we make it and succeed it.

The soul’s and the spirit’s realms are very rich and articulated with specific characteristics and functions and this is what Soul Centred Counseling deals with. 

This very approach explains in depth how life works on an individual and social-collective context so to understand deeply the causes and the consequences of certain actions, wonderful or horrible they be, always according to Soul’s and Spirit’s perspective.

Realising and understanding these through vivid inner experiences support a clear vision of what happens in the world and what happens to us, allowing us to advance and proceed in our life’s fields with more awareness and consciousness. As a compass, our developed and constantly updated consciousness guides us and orients us to the best path we can walk.

One of the base foundations of the study of Soul’s dynamics is the topic of the 7 rays: every human soul, by cycles of incarnations, chooses a particular frequency to belong to and through which express herself so to put into the material world the ideas and the principles of her own spirit.

Each ray has its own features, talents, and slippery points. Slippery points are those unhealthy and distorted modalities where the soul “stumbles” upon during her experience. Being able to spot these makes you understand why you get “trapped” and how to untie yourself.  Once you unravel the “mystery” you can return to the pure source of your own ray of belonging. Soul centred counseling helps you returning to your original essence in the most original and purest form.

Our soul has an imaginal language and it’s clearly manifested in the oneiric realm. Everybody dreams every night, not everybody remembers their dreams though. Learning how to read your dreams and not to interpret them will hugely help you to get in touch with your soul’s movements and messages. 

Another important part of this articulated work is about the archetypes, the myths, meant as “behavioural schemes” (said in a nutshell). Archetypes have a big impact and influence in our life: they can either act from our unconscious level or they can be chosen consciously by us and therefore be used as helper and useful models of reference.

The individual person is welcomed with his whole uniqueness, keeping in account the soul’s ray(s) he’s mainly associated with, the principles of his spirit, his current life’s experiences and his personal data. Each human creature that asks for guidance will be offered different modalities and tools specifically tailored on him according his nature so to support the re-discovery of the path that leads to the feeling of “feeling alive in living the life”, and not just getting by.

Sessions are possible both in studio and via Skype.